Day 1 - Fine Arts


  1. At the ceramics farm we saw many women weaving various artworks .I thought they were beautiful but their prices a bit high.Later I learnt the reason they were so expensive was because they were made by the disable ,and they were either deaf or dumb but I thought that they were just much more disciplined compared to other factories.The reason they were weaving artworks in a ceramic farm was because did not have the right skills for ceramics and thus their employers taught them how to weave instead.

  2. The craftsmanship of the hand woven paintings are great but of course comes with a price tag. The people working there at the facility are the less fortunate and the disabled who were allocated by the government for jobs. I would say that government helps people get jobs but i have no idea if they had a choice to choose between mtwo or more.
    The people work hard and disciplined with food and amenities provided for free. They do not have pay until a product was sold which is why it would be great to buy the products to support them.

  3. it was fascinating to see handmade statues in such large amount. This is possible by the vast and rich resources that Vietnam has. Not only statues, but also, some of the paintings are also hand-sewn to art pieces, some almost photorealistic.

I learnt that these create jobs for handicapped and paid according to the order. Another thing i learnt, perhaps only in Hanoi, is that they are free to choose their off-days instead of usual weekends.

  4. When we first reached there, we saw people weaving something and turning them into an art piece.They were well made and nice but was too pricy to me.The workers there were disabled in a way and i find it heartening that they are employed even though they have this disabilities.They were trained by their employers.The worse part of all is that in one month, they had to work everyday with only the choice of having 4 days of break.I hope people will buy products to support them.

  5. It was a blast to visit the fine arts store, hard-working and friendly staff approaches us to tell us about the place. The pictures were made out of thread and it was amazing how real it looked.They are also free to choose their off-days instead of usual weekends.
 And only earn money when they picture is sold.

  6. It was just astonishing how they use the threads to sew on the painting instead of painting, and It were beautiful. We also learned about that the staff and that their work timing is flexible

  7. The company had people who were disabled, and helped them by giving them meals and a
    place to stay. They were also given training and were being paid by each painting that was sold.
    ­ I felt that the company was very good as they helped those in need. In Singapore there is a
    cafe where it hires and trains physically challenge people.

  8. Thaison ceramics

    makes ceramics

    - Mould the shape of the desired ceramics
    - Let it dry for 1`day
    - Pour out the liquid surrounding the the mould
    - Put it in a oven and heat it at over 500 degrees celcius
    - Put in the decorations
    - Heat it again

  9. Chan - Tien - My co.
    Makes all kinds of art
    - Make an art piece not by painting but by using silk to make the art piece.
    - They sell and ship it to all parts of the world
    - Sculpturing of monuments
    - Sell clothing

    Employees only can have a leave for times a month
    They work for 7 hours a day
    They live at the nearby house, just like a boarding school
    They only can eat at the provided food or the nearby food stall right outside
    The number of same sculptures they make depends on the popularity of a piece
    These workers are handicapped in one way or another and do not have job to sustain their lives, they are given training and afterwards would work for this company.

  10. Clay used in ceramic need 2 types of clay Brown and White

    The workers are handicapped people who have no proper job to sustain themselves and are asked to go there for training and working there,giving them a sustainable job.
    Most of their products are bought by people from other countries.
    Workers stay there as they have no family to help shelter them.

  11. This was an interesting trip as we managed to learn and appreciate more of the statues and products that can be made from Ceramics. We learnt about information such as how work like this can allow those disabled and hardworking to earn money. This really shows the amount of patience that craftsmen have. They used silk instead of paint to make art pieces which are then auctioned to the buyers, which only then do the people who made them earn their pay. The workers also have to work everyday of the month, with only 3 days of paid leave.

  12. The workshop allows disabled people to work inside there, providing food and shelter. However, money will not be paid until the worker sells his/her first piece of artwork. The workshop allows the disabled people to sustain themselves and giving them things to do. Working in the workshop is a sustainable job, this ensures the disabled person will be happy and will not experience major ups and downs like being fired from the company.

  13. The art pieces were of a high price as they were made by the disabled who worked hard to make one art piece. Though it was expensive it was also nice looking and quite well-made. They are also only given 4 days out of a month as day offs. I wish people would buy more of these products to support these disabled.

  14. e saw the workers embroidering beautiful paintings. We learnt that 50% of the workers were physically disabled and they were given a job and a place to stay. They only got their first pay check when they manage to sell their first product. We also saw the sculptors sculpting a statue.

  15. We visited the Hong Ngoc Art Painting Workshop and found out a few things about the business. People from all over the world, especially from France and Australia, come to buy the ceramics and fine art pieces. The company have their own websites where people from all over the world can access and buy their products. The people can book the products and the products can be shipped or collected. This makes the buying of products more efficient and people from other countries to not have to make a special trip to the Hanoi outlet itself to buy the products. The workers we saw there are either disabled or have no family (60% disabled, either dumb and blind or dumb or blind; the rest have no family). The government has helped these people find a job, which is currently in this business, As these people are disabled and homeless, they are commission based, food and lodging are provided for. Also, teachers come to teach the workers there.

  16. We saw that most workers here although are physically disabled but they are still talented and skilful in making fine arts.Most of the product here are bought by the australians and the french.

  17. The workers there were physically disabled but the art pieces they made were beautiful. If the workers were not good in their art, the company would let them train and also provide accommodations for them. I feel the factory is very helpful to the society as it provides jobs for people who have difficulty finding jobs due to their physical or mental disabilities.

  18. I'm glad to hear that they employ disabled people to work there, they do not need special skills , they train them and they need to practice a lot, if their work are sold, they will earn some money. their accommodation and food is provided so the money they earn will be use for buying daily needs.
    Chan - Thien - My Company:
    The true, the good and the beautiful company
    Founded:1996 with the support from the goverment

  19. When I heard that this place trains poor and disabled people to make fine arts, I was really amazed as they are able to do all these things even though they are disabled. This job will allow them to earn money.

  20. The artworks were all very beautiful. This artworks were made by disabled people who are either deaf or dumb and they were trained by the company. I was amazed when I heard that and I found them very capable to be able to make such beautiful artwork.

  21. I was exceptionally surprised when I saw some pieces of artwork. It was just beautiful. People like us, not handicapped can't even produce a beautiful, yet meaningful artwork like them. One simple piece of artwork can take up to 3 days of weaving and one day works at around 7 hours. Even if the Disabled workers are not artwork inclined, free training will still be provided when they join the company.

  22. I was at first surprised when they explained they hired people with disabilities to work here. But after observing their work and seeing the final masterpiece. I could tell they really put in a lot of work.